Missing Corvette turns up on dock in Australia

It's always great to stumble upon a forgotten treasure. Usually, it's the little things, like finding a $5 bill in your back pocket or stumbling upon a winning scratch ticket on the street, that turn up when you least expect them. However, sometimes that misplaced prize is much larger, which was the case when wharf inspectors pried open a wooden crate that had been sitting on a dock in Brisbane, Australia, for the past 10 years. What they found inside was a 1968 Corvette, which had been reported stolen by its owner more than a decade ago.

No one had known what was sitting inside the crate according to a report from the Sydney Morning Herald from September 18. The source said that the original owner had collected a sweet insurance payout after reporting the car missing, and apparently thought nothing more of the whereabouts of this white soft-top.

The convertible has a 350 V8 under the hood, and is in relatively good condition given it's age. However, not being driven for 10 years obviously takes its toll on the engine and frame, especially given its storage location near salty ocean air.

On September 25, Manheim auctions of Australia will be putting the car on the block, and representatives told the Herald they hope it will fetch anywhere between $14,000 and $17,000.

It must have been a really big insurance payout for the previous owner to give up the search for such a beautiful Corvette. It may not be a Stingray, but a clean, white '68 convertible is not something you'd expect to be left crated up in storage and forgotten about.

Whatever the circumstances, whether the car was stolen or if the original owner had some kind of plan for the beautiful ride, car fans Down Under can be happy that they now have one more classic Corvette driving on their streets.

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