Michigan law affecting historic motor vehicles set to go to governor

In recent weeks, it seems that legislators around the country have been looking to take actions that would negatively affect car owners. We've profiled stories about efforts to limit aftermarket audio systems in Hawaii and reduce labeling restrictions for consumers in Nebraska all in the last two weeks. Still, while neither of these proposed regulations passed, it did seem like car aficionados were losing legal ground left and right in recent months. 

That's why it's a relief to profile some positive news coming out of Michigan. According to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), legislation that it supported that would allow exhibitions vehicles to be used without limit in August passed by an overwhelming margin on June 14.

Senate Bill 1146, which had previously been approved by this body, was passed by the state's House of Representatives by a count of 109 to one. This amended the current law which limited the use of exhibition vehicles to participation in tours, parades, club activities and similar uses. Notably, however, general transportation use was prohibited by the law.

The bill now awaits final approval by Governor Rick Snyder, though from the earlier voting it seems that the measure is enjoying overwhelming support. In part, this is because SB 1146 would provide historic vehicle owners the ability to enjoy unlimited recreational driving during the month, encourage the registration of these vehicles and acknowledge those who put time and effort into this hobby.

Michigan residents who want to show their support for the bill can contact the governor by phone, fax or mail. For full details on how to voice your opinion on the bill, click here.