What makes you a car guy/girl?

Are you an enthusiast, do you have a strong passion for cars? What makes a person an enthusiast do you just wake up one day and become one? Most likely not, but it could happen! There are many different ways in this industry to be considered a car guy/girl. It depends on the type of cars you like and what you like doing to them.

At what age did you become an enthusiast? Well, this differs for everyone! There are people who are brought up in the garage; they have helped their Dad or Grandfather since a young age. This is probably the most natural way of becoming an enthusiast; it is a family tradition almost. Then once Grandpa and Dad no longer have the energy or drive to fix the family cars, they have a succession plan in place!

Do you have to work on cars to be considered an automotive enthusiast? Not at all there are all different kinds of enthusiasts, ranging from the person who rebuilds engines in their spare time, to those who just attend shows on the weekend to check out other peoples builds. All of these people are considered enthusiasts, not just the person who builds their car from the ground up and polishes it every weekend is considered the enthusiast.

There has always been a judgment grudge between different car groups, there are the muscle car people, the import crowd, hot rodders, classic car cruisers, and many other niche groups of car lovers. While every group likes to pick on each other for certain things they do, it is all fun. If every car was the same, the enthusiast group wouldn’t be what it is. Whether each group wants to admit it or not, they have similarities and that is they all share the same passion for cool rides.

Is the future of the car enthusiast going to be the same in 20 years as it is today? Well, I don’t think anyone has that answer right now, but if you look back 20 years ago, I am sure the definition of a car guy/girl has changed just a bit! So, I am confident in saying that car enthusiasts will still be around, but the community may be a bit different!

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