Looking to the Future: The 5 Strangest Concept Cars

Automobile buyers are fickle, and designs that might look epic on a drawing board could end up looking like a clown car on the floor at the Detroit Auto Show. Sometimes concept cars represent the distant future while other cars might be headed to showroom floors within a few years. Here are some of the strangest concept cars ever:


1. Peugeot Egochine B Concept

Peugeot Egochine B Concept

In a design contest held by Peugeot, the winning entry featured a three-wheeled vehicle shaped like a “T” that would house an electric motor. More than one reviewer appropriately compared the strangely shaped vehicle to a Gillette razor.


2. Volkswagen Hover Car Concept


Magnets, how do they work? Apparently, Volkswagen wants to use them in their vehicles someday. The car company held a contest in China called the “People’s Car Project,” and the winning design was a car that used electromagnetic levitation and was shaped like a large, black and white donut.


3. Toyota EX-III Concept

Toyota EX III

Featured at the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show, the EX-III was the third in a line of “EX” designs and looked as though the company took a sports car and turned it into a pancake. Toyota’s design was supposed to be aerodynamic, and the exhaust system hinted at a gas turbine engine.


4. Honda Fuya-jo Concept


Although the Japanese are known for their sedate Corollas and Accords, they’ve come up with some of the wildest concept cars ever, like the Honda Fuya-jo. The name means “Sleepless City” and it debuted at the 1999 Tokyo Auto Show. Some suspected that the vehicle was made to allow occupants to dance and party while the vehicle was in motion. Even the dashboard was designed to look like music mixer.


5. BMW Lovos Concept


Featuring spikes that rotate outward and give the vehicle the appearance of a car that just stuck its steering wheel in a light socket, the BMW Lovos concept car was designed with small panels that could act as air-brakes or solar powered panels. Ben-Hur would have loved using this vehicle to take out opponents in the Chariot race.


Concept cars routinely push the envelope far past traditional design modes, but those incredibly advanced features (like solar powered spikes) usually create strange, rolling monsters that never make it out of the design phase, or are an oddity at major automobile shows.