Keep your headlights clear this winter using basic car wax

CleanHeadlightsWinter is generally a sad time of year for drivers, as the roads are too slippery to truly enjoy street machines and the short days mean a lot of hazardous night driving. You can’t convince the sun to stay out longer and, unless you move south, there are several months of deep freeze left before the ice and snow melt. Still, there are some minor things you can do to make driving a little easier when the elements are acting up.

One of the biggest concerns this time of year is visibility. On a dark winter’s night, the last thing you want is to be caught driving blind on an icy back road, especially in more rural areas where street lights are few and far between.

Although everyone knows the cosmetic damage that your car can experience from road salt, this common deicer can actually make driving more dangerous in the winter. It’s true that this substance will melt ice and make the roads less slick, but when it builds up over your headlights, your visibility at night could be greatly obscured.

You also have to worry about snow and ice staining your headlamps during a particularly rough winter storm. It’s not a great idea to stop your car when snow is piling up around you, but if the path ahead isn’t properly illuminated, there may be no other option.

A quick fix to this hazard of winter is actually waxing your headlights to make them more water resistant and to remove residue from street salts. Snow will slide right off while moisture won’t be able to accumulate if you make the surface as slick as possible.

Use the regular wax that you would on the body of your car and apply a thin amount using a clean rag. Only use about about a quarter-sized portion, and wipe off with a dry cloth like you would if you were simply waxing your hot rod’s sheetmetal.

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