Jeep Wrangler vs. Hummer H3: Which would you trust during a freak storm?

Jeep Wrangler


As wild weather barrells across the East Coast in this seemingly never-ending hurricane season, the airwaves are becoming flooded with images of emergency vehicles taking to the roads to help people in even the most storm-ravaged areas. In times where water levels rise, making regularly busy roads impassable, vehicles that were specially designed to face the elements shine.

Most models that claim to be sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) are actually little more than tall wagons with big wheels. Such wimpy people-movers are hardly any use to emergency crews. This is why during unexpected storms and other catastrophic natural events, these workers rely on Jeeps or Humvees.

It’s true that now-a-days, Jeeps and Hummers hardly live up to the standards of off-road performance that made these marques legendary. In fact, such deviating from the functional nature of the original Humvees is what ultimately put the Hummer brand in the grave.

Jeep still makes the standard-bearing Wrangler model that resembles the original military models used by the United States in WWII starting in 1941. When Hummer become a big money maker for General Motors in the beginning of the last decade, the brand came out with their own smaller model, the H3, to compete with the perennially bestselling Wrangler.

So, despite Hummer’s demise, was the H3 a worthy competitor to the Wrangler? The answer is no, as there has never been an SUV more capable in battling the elements than the Wrangler. The frame is tight, the design is simple and the stance is perfect given its size and weight, meaning a hurricane is no match for this beast.

The H3 isn’t all bad though, as it was actually based on the solid truck platform used on the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. As well, despite the gigantic H2 being marketed as a luxury truck in the vein of the Escalade, the H3 was a non-nonsense truck with smart styling.

I’d take either one of these rides should I have the choice if I’m caught in another fall storm. Do you think the Hummer stands any chance against the Jeep? Leave your comments below: