It may not get you to the moon, but Neil Armstrong’s ’67 Vette could surely move

Neil Armstrong is already considered to be one of coolest American heroes there’s ever been. He was, after all, the first person to land on the moon, meaning any other intriguing aspects of his personality were simply icing on the cake.

Not only was this man brave enough to visit different worlds, but he also had impeccable taste in cars. The Apollo 11 spacecraft wasn’t his only mode of transport, as his 1967 Corvette, purchased not long after Armstrong’s return to Earth, has resurfaced and is about to be historically preserved but an expert Corvette collector.

The car’s original 427 cubic inch big-block V8 may not have gotten Armstrong to the moon and back, but it was by far one of the largest, and fastest, motors sold in America, and the biggest you could get in a ‘Vette at the time. This means that even if this monster wasn’t owned by arguably the most famous astronaut of all time, it would still call for a hefty price-tag.

However, when this car turned up on eBay last May, no bids met the minimum of $250,000 posted by the owner, only the second one since the car rolled off the assembly line, so it was taken off the market.

Now, Eric Gill, who put the car up for auction initially, is going to give the car what he calls a “reactive preservation” according to a Motor Authority report. Instead of buying aftermarket parts from reproduction dealers, Gill is going to use fenders produced by GM at the Corvette factory in Bowling Green Kentucky.

The car, which hasn’t been driven in 31 years, is surely more valuable today than it was back in May following Armstrong’s death back in August. Would you be willing to make a bid on the remodeled C2? Leave your comments below: