Insane Sand Car

By John Baldwin

I’m 30 years old from and currently live in a small Tri com town of San Manuel, Arizona. I work full-time ​in a copper mine as a Dam Operator and have been there for 11 years. I compete in sand drag races on street bikes and have a ton of other hobbies. I’m a jack of all trades. I grew up poor and learned how to work on anything automotive from my dad who is a mechanic and my mother did upholstery.

I build wild and crazy and I’m a total adrenaline junkie— I love to go fast and have owned many fast vehicles. My greatest passion is to take something ugly and make it desirable by others. With vehicles I can do just that.

I stumbled upon Cool Rides Online by randomly scrolling through live feed on Facebook.  I currently own a 1963 Miller 17′ flat bottom V-Drive w/BBC LS7 COPO converted to a 496stroker on race fuel, 2006 Suzuki GSXR1000, 2001 lifted Chevy Silverado, 2003 Hummer H2 project quad 2000 banshee with 2015 ZXR636, custom home made long travel sand car with BBC 427 Vette engine bored  .60 over that’s supercharged with nitrous.

I’ve had many cool rides but I would say my sand car is my favorite as I’ve had it the longest and have the most money invested it. It is also the first car I won my first race had my first encounter with police as I speed off in pursuit and successfully got away even with the rear axle breaking off in mid-pursuit from swing arm. I used my shoe lace and tied the axel together and still manage to get home.

This sand car was also the first vehicle I’ve ever driven and learned how to drive in as well as the only vehicle I worked on with my dad.  I’m not sure what’s next.  I’d like to have my sand car for next Easter and go to a place called the Quemado in Arizona.

The best memory I have was when I started racing my sand car in sand drags but it’s also a toss-up between that and driving 50miles to Tucson and tearing up the streets in the city. When it comes to the most difficult modification I’ve made on my cool ride I would say making a front end and a arms was the most difficult task.

My dream car was always wanted a Lamborghini growing up but I think my mind has changed as I’d love to have a 1970 challenger. A tip I have for other car owners is to get a good wax and keep up on fluids. Also, catch every leak as soon as you can no matter how small it is.

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