In honor of the Oscars: My top three movie cars

With the dust on this year’s Oscars finally settled – and with no nods to one of my personal favorites “Drive” – I thought I’d run down a list of some of my favorite movie cars. While I’m sure there will be a lot of comments about everything I left out – especially given the top-notch chase scenes from past Oscar winners such as “The French Connection” and fan-favorite vehicles from the never-nominated “The Love Bug” – this list tries to put up the most iconic cars in cinema history that everyone should be able to agree on. (Well, maybe…)

And don’t worry, even if you disagree, unlike other Oscar news round-ups, the only spoilers you’ll find here are on these famous automobiles. (Couldn’t resist…)

3) “Rebel Without a Cause,” 1949 Mercury Coupe – While my younger relatives are up in arms about the recent “Fast and Furious” movies, for my money, nothing beats the look of a classic. And even though James Dean never lived to see himself drive this beauty on screen, the combination of classic actor and classic car hasn’t looked so good since.

2) “Back to the Future, 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 – The DeLorean was the car of choice for “Back to the Future,” and more than 30 years after the vehicle’s release, it still remains as eye-catching as ever. The DeLorean’s relatively short lifespan on the market has also only added to the mystique of Marty McFly’s vehicle of choice, crystallizing it for a time period and a generation of car lovers.

1) The Batmobile – While the new version of “The Italian Job” tried to soup up a fleet of Mini Coopers, all those cars can’t compete with just one Batmobile. And while some car fans will likely blast the decision to place this car in the top spot – it was never available for commercial purchase and sometimes looked cartoonish, think the much-maligned fins on “Batman & Robin” – The Batmobile represents the best of automotive excess. With every new incarnation, movie fans get to dream up a car with everything they ever could imagine inside, and what kind of car can beat that?