How Will Car Companies Compete With the New F-150 Pickup?

2015_Ford_F-150Ford has recently unveiled its all new F-150 pickup truck. There are very big differences that increase fuel economy, especially the aluminum body. Even though this truck topped U.S. sales in 2013, Ford is taking drastic measures to remain the best and meet new gas mileage regulations.


The F-150 redesign includes a weight cut of over 700 pounds. The body and bed are crafted mostly from aluminum. This is combined with its exclusive EcoBoost engine. Mark Fields, Ford’s chief operating officer, claims that this is an example of the company’s commitment to safety, high quality, increased fuel efficiency and value.


General Motors and Chrysler Group have been trying to improve gas mileage in their vehicles as well. Chrysler is attempting to raise efficiency by adding more speeds to transmissions and introducing new engine options. In the near future, the auto manufacturer is set to reveal a Ram truck that contains a diesel engine.


GM is responding with unique engine technologies that raise fuel efficiency in its GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado. In 2014, the Silverado was named “Truck of the Year in North America.” To challenge the F-150, GM is using its mid-sized GMC Canyon. General Motors feels that certain truck buyers do not like the large footprint of the full-sized Ford. The Canyon is an excellent alternative and does not have the extra payload or towing capacity.


GM has also experimented with aluminum. The company has discovered a special technique that can spot weld panels of aluminum without the need for rivets. This will save a great deal of weight.


As the government begins to set stricter regulations on a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, auto manufacturers will be scrambling for ways to increase gas mileage. The entire industry has recognized that the new Ford F-150 is a big step in that revolution. As Ford continues to work through and solve issues with aluminum, more and more auto companies are sure to follow suit and take advantage of the benefits.