How to pack an emergency travel kit for Memorial Day travel

On May 25, many travelers will gear up to hit the road in honor of Memorial Day Weekend. In total, AAA says that nearly 35 million American travelers will venture 50 miles or more to destinations across the United States over the three-day holiday. This figure is expected to increase by 500,000 from the organization's 2011 data.

AAA said that the vast majority of travelers will choose to get to their expected destination by car. (The company estimates that 30.7 million people will drive, a figure which comprises roughly 88 percent of all expected travelers).

But, while many Americans will be traveling by car, few may be adequately prepared for an emergency if it should arise. However, by stocking an emergency travel kit before they travel, Americans can ensure that they are ready to handle whatever the nation's roadways have in store.

When packing an emergency travel kit, some tried-and-true products may immediately come to mind. For example, many drivers already have matches, jumper cables, reflective triangles, sunscreen and a flashlight in their car.

However, here's a list of essential items you may easily forget:

104+ octane boost – This product can be useful if travelers fill their engine with bad gas. Since many of the gas stations on the way will be unfamiliar, stocking this product can help you overcome a bad batch of gas from a low-travelled station.

A pair of gloves – When working under the hood, a pair of gloves can also be useful, as they ensure that drivers don't get dirty or suffer burns when they look to diagnose mechanical issues.

Drinking water – Since traffic can be downright brutal on certain travel days, having extra water can help you stay on course and save money.

Emergency tire inflator – By stocking this product, which allows you to temporarily repair leaks without removing the tire, travelers can get back on the road without using a jack or calling for roadside assistance long enough to get to a tire shop or rest area.

AlumAseal® Radiator Stop Leak and an extra container of Antifreeze – Unfortunately, cracked and leaky radiators are an all-too-common occurrence on the road. When that happens, a good radiator stop leak and a some extra coolant will become your best friend!

Roll of duct tape – Duct tape has too many uses to list. From ensuring a hood stays down to helping a gasket stay on, you never know when this product may come in handy!