How to Keep Car Doors from Freezing Shut

icy car doorDuring this winter season, we’ve written tips about such things as how to winterize your car, how to store your classic car for the winter and things to keep in your car in case of emergency during the winter.
As winter approaches, cold temperatures are expected through most of the country. When freezing temperatures hit, it’s common for car doors to freeze shut. This is extremely inconvenient, and you may not have extra time to wait for car doors to thaw out, so here are three ways to prevent this issue from ruining your day.


Inspect Gaskets

Contrary to popular belief, it is the rubber seals along the edge of each car door that freezes as temperatures dip, not the doors themselves. Metal is not involved with the problem. Before winter approaches, it is essential for a car owner to inspect each door’s gaskets, including the areas around the windows. If tears or gaps are detected, visit an auto parts store for replacement gaskets.

It is also important to wipe around the door frames on a regular basis. This simple chore removes unwanted dirt that builds over time. When temperatures become cold, water collects and combines with the dirt, which increases the likelihood that the door will freeze shut.


Coat Rubber Seals

It is essential to apply an oil or lubricant over car doors’ rubber seals. This repels water so that there is nothing that can cause seals to freeze. Many suitable products are available, but a rubber conditioner is often recommended as it brings the best results. Car owners may use cooking spray in a pinch, but this may damage seals and the vehicle’s paint job.


Use Car Covers

During winter, many cars are parked inside home garages, protected from the elements. However, when cars are parked out in the open, it becomes difficult to control the moisture that accumulates from the elements. Using a car cover will prevent water from seeping into cracks and crevices. A quick alternative if a car cover is unavailable is to use a heavy-duty trash bag. After applying oil to the seals, the trash bag is hung in the open doorway, and the door is shut, locking moisture out.

It is never fun to wake up to a frozen car door, and the thawing process can be time-consuming. To avoid being late for work or an appointment, remember the above tips, which may help keep vehicle doors from freezing shut.