How to Keep Automobile Plastics Looking Like New

Modern automobiles are manufactured with a number of plastic parts. Over time,  these plastic parts can wear and fade resulting in an unsightly appearance. Protecting and improving the appearance of plastic on your car or truck is an easy do-it-yourself auto repair task.


Protect plexiglass

Plexiglass is a generic term for several common types of plastic used as an alternative to glass. Despite the many advantages that plexiglass products can provide, they also include some downsides. Two problems with plexiglassare that it:

•  is susceptible to oxidizing from UV exposure which results in a foggy or hazy appearance
•  is easily scratched

303 ® Aerospace ProtectantTM helps to prevent oxidation and protect against scratching. Applying it regularly from when the car is new will help to protect against UV exposure, repels dirt and grime, and reduce scratching.


Repair scratched plexiglass

Repairing scratched plexiglass products can be accomplished by compounding or cut-polishing the plexiglass before coating the compounded plastic with 303 ® Aerospace ProtectantTM. The Aerospace Protectant TM will finish the cut-polishing process as well as protect the plexiglass.


Keep black plastic fenders black

Fender flares made from urethane are a common trim piece on automobiles. Since urethane is susceptible to degradation from UV exposure, it is not uncommon for these black fender flares to fade over time until they are no longer black, but an unsightly gray.

Applying 303 ® Aerospace Protectant TM can protect and restore the appearance of urethane fender flares. Reapply the protectant periodically to keep fender flares looking like new.


Brighten head lights and tail lights

Using 303 to clean headlightsAs you probably know, head lights and tail lights on modern automobiles are madeof plastic. These plastic lenses may accumulate dirt and grime during normal driving. This accumulation causes lights to appear dim. Plastic lenses may also become brittle from exposure making the lenses susceptible to cracking or breaking.

Applying 303 ® Aerospace Protectant TM after each car wash can help to keep the plastic head and tail light lenses on your car clean. Aerospace Protectant TM also protects the lenses from UV damage.

These four do-it-yourself auto repair projects are all easy and inexpensive ways to keep your vehicle looking like new.