How to Clean and Protect Your Tires

Various products are available to keep car tires clean and protected.  Different wheels will require different cleaners. Here are some useful tips to keep tires in top condition for as long as possible.


Various Types of Wheels

cleaning the tires on your carIf a car has bare polished aluminum wheels, it is smart to avoid cleaners that are acidic.  These will cause the metal to “frost.” Most new factory cars have clear-coated wheels.  Like bare aluminum, acidic cleaners will eat away at this protective coating and cause damage. Another type of wheel used for durability, usually found on European models, is powder coating.  The best way to clean this type of wheel is with simple soapy water. Chrome is extremely difficult to maintain because it can be easily damaged.  Brake dust and other dirt causes havoc on these kinds of wheels.  A mild, pH-balanced cleaner will help keep them clean.


The Process of Cleaning Your Tires

cleaning your car tiresAfter selecting a cleaning product, it is time to start the cleaning process.  To begin, the wheels should be cool.  The selected product should be applied and cleaned away with the proper brushes.  For instance, smaller, natural-hair brushes should be used to clear the lug nuts.  A larger, animal-hair brush should be used to clean the rest of the wheel.  Since a soft and gentle brush is necessary, boar’s hair is recommended.  A round scrub brush can be used to clean between the inner wheel barrel.  After cleaning is completed, the wheels should be rinsed and dried with a soft towel.


Protecting Tires

303 Aerospace ProtectantAfter the tires have been cleaned, it is imperative to keep them protected.  Once again, numerous products are available that provide various finishes.  The key is to select a product that includes UV protection and guards the tires’ rubber.  Tires are exposed constantly to the  sun and consequently susceptible to costly UV damage. One of the best products to clean and protect your tires is 303® Protectant from Gold Eagle. 303® Protectant is a surface treatment formulated to protect against harmful UV rays. It is absorbed into the tires, delivering its unique set of powerful UV stabilizers into the tire polymer, leaving a long-lasting, flexible protective finish that is water repellent and will not attract dust.  Stay away from items that have a solvent-based silicone, which lowers the ability to protect from ozone damage.  It is smart to choose something that has a milky-white consistency as well.

Keeping tires clean and protected from the sun and outside environment will prevent rubber from deteriorating.  The above tips should help keep wheels looking great and remaining functional for a long time.  Taking time to prevent problems will eliminate headaches in the long run.