How to Care for Your Convertible Top

ConvertibleIt is essential to properly clean and protect the top of a convertible. This type of vehicle will have either a fabric or vinyl top, so it is important to understand the best way to maintain each. With simple care, the top will remain functional for years.


Fabric Top Care

30520frontWhen shopping for a cleaner, it is important to choose a product made for the appropriate top. Use a cleaner such as 303 Tonneau & Convertible Top Cleaner to help clean does pesky stains. The simplest way to clean a fabric top is with a medium stiff brush and shampoo. It is recommended to avoid products that leave a glossy residue. After the top is clean, it may be necessary to restore its repellent properties. From the factory, every convertible top contains chemicals that keep water from penetrating or forming puddles. Try 303 Fabric Guard to help strengthen and restore your fabric tops water repellency.


Vinyl Top Care

30510frontIt is quite simple to clean a vinyl convertible top. A gentle shampoo and feathered brush will help remove dirt. It is not necessary to use a gloss cleaner. If the top is extremely dirty, it is wise to use a degreaser. After the vinyl is clean, a protectant such as 303 Aerospace Protectant should be applied to preserve the color and texture. Without protection, the vinyl may fade or crack from UV damage. 303 Aerospace Protectant contains powerful UV blockers to help protect your vinyl top from the suns harmful rays.


Vinyl Windows

Vinyl convertible windows tend to age quickly. It is common for the windows to turn yellow, crack or become scratched. To prevent problems, there are products that clean, protect and keep the view clear. Using them will provide a better appearance and unobstructed view while driving.

The above tips should help a person care for a convertible top. To avoid costly repairs, it is wise to practice proper maintenance. It is the best way to prolong the function and beauty of the top.