How Do I Choose The Right Tire?

Tire_treadA car will not be able to drive well without a good set of tires. There are many sizes and brands to select from. Here are some tips for choosing the right tires for a specific vehicle:

Consider Tread Life

Every tire will have a different wear rating. When a person wants a tire that will not need to be replaced often, it is best to choose a product with a high tire grade. For example, a 150 tire grade will last 50-percent longer than a 100 tire grade.
Weather Conditions

When a person chooses tires, it is essential to consider the weather that the tires will need to drive through. People who live in a wet climate should select tires that perform well on a wet road. People who live in a snowy climate should choose four-season or snow tires. These will provide extra traction and control.

Ride Quality

Low-profile tires look cool, but they may not absorb bumps or potholes on the road. Also, these tires may expose the wheels to unnecessary damage. These tires have stiff sidewalls, so handling will be better. However, the ride will be more rough.


Every tire will have a unique tread pattern. This means that some will be noisier than others. If a person drives mostly in the city, lower speeds will keep the tires quiet. However, highway driving may be louder with the wrong tire design. A qualified salesman should be able to recommend a quiet tire for highway driving.

Other Tire Tips

There are other tire tips that will help a person make the best buying decision. For instance, when replacing only one tire that has become damaged, it is important to try and match the existing three. This will keep handling at its best.

The right size tire is essential as well. A tire must be able to carry the weight of the vehicle. The owner’s manual should explain the best tire for a particular make and model.

The above tips will take the mystery out of buying tires for a vehicle. The chosen tires will have a direct impact on ride, noise and handling. When a person chooses the best tires, it will elongate the life of the tires and vehicle together.