How Do I Choose the Best Crossover SUV?

2013-03-05_Geneva_Motor_ShowThere are numerous vehicles on the market. To obtain a nice balance between a car and a truck, a person may consider a crossover SUV. The class is divided into three segments: compact, midsize and full-size. Here are certain things that should be considered to help make this decision easier:



To some car buyers, the amount of seating is extremely important. Most people want to fit as many passengers into a vehicle as possible. Third-row seating is a popular feature. However, there is limited space with third-row seating. Usually, it only fits small adults or children comfortably. This row may detract from the cargo space of the vehicle as well. A smaller family or those who require a larger amount of storage may wish to choose a crossover without a third row of seating. It is also possible to buy a crossover with a removable third row.



Powertrain is important to consider when a driver will be towing large-sized items. Hauling will require a larger engine, which detracts from fuel efficiency. For the average driver, good fuel economy is essential. Most crossovers were designed to be good on gas. Therefore, four- and six-cylinder engines are commonly used. A person will need to examine individual needs before making a crossover purchase.


All-Wheel or Front-Wheel Drive

Most crossovers are available with either all-wheel or front-wheel drive. People who live in warm climates will be able to buy the less expensive front-wheel drive options. However, anyone who frequently drives through snow or ice will prefer the control of all-wheel drive.


A great variety of crossover SUVs exists. As more people transition away from cars or large trucks, the crossover segment is sure to rise. The above features are just a few factors to consider before making a purchase. In the end, a person will be able to find the best crossover possible.