Hot Rod Magazine highlights drag racer that’s a “cartoon-come-to-life”

When it comes to making truly creative cars, it can seem as though everything that could be done has been tried before – while keeping things affordable and street legal anyways. That's one of the reasons Hod Rod Magazine decided to shine the spotlight on an inventive mashup that entered the publication's 2011 Hot Rod Drag Week contest and clearly shows a disregard for both of the previously mentioned concerns.

Built by Chris Watkins of CNA Performance, a dealer of QA1 shocks and racing tires, and owned by Mark Sax, the car, a fusion of a 1936 International and 1958 Dodge Fusion, garnered attention for its truly loud appearance and boatload of style. But, because of just how out of the box the car is, it can be hard to describe, even for veteran auto enthusiasts. So, I'll let David Freiburger of Hot Rod Magazine try.

"What kind of car is it?" Freiburger asked in his piece. "It's a mashup of imagination and reality, of rat rod and race car, and of the insane and the, uh, challenged. It's a metalmorphosis of a custom-fabricated race car tube chassis – totally NHRA legal – into a chopped '36 International truck body."

While that's certainly praise you don't hear very often, the magazine noted it wasn't able to compete against more conventional offerings. For starters, the vehicle doesn't run on pump gas. It needs to operate on alky, meaning it gets around four miles per gallon, which in a more than 1,000 mile race can have its disadvantages. The car also isn't street legal, with 33×17.50-15 ET Streets, a spool and 5.13 axle gears.

Despite being out after the second day – and causing the owner a bit of prolonged journey home through a series of necessary repairs – the magazine lauded the car for its creativity. I personally like the bed, fabricated from '58 Dodge quarter panels and the old-timey decals and decorations that give the car truly old school look. Check out a full gallery here for a full view.