Hollywood Wednesdays – Top 3 Cars Shows on TV

Most car enthusiasts enjoy taking vehicles apart, and others love learning about old and new models. Some prefer speed and power. Whatever the car lover admires the most, here are three of the top shows that should not be missed.


Top Cars Show #1 – Car Fix

Car-Fix-Velocity-ChannelCar Fix is the ultimate “how to” series. Anyone who plays in the garage and loves tearing things apart or custom fabricating new items will love this program. It is hosted by Lou Santiago and Jared Zimmerman. Each installment presents unique projects that get excitement pumping. Every episode features the hosts fixing and restoring all types of cars from classics to more modern styles. They encourage viewers to jump right in and complete a similar project at home. Car Fix can be found on the Velocity Network.


Click here to read about how the guys at Car Fix restored the 1971 Camaro used in the STA-BIL 360º Custom Car Sweepstakes presented to the winner at SEMA recently.


Top Cars Show #2 – Top Gear UK

Top Gear UKAired on BBC America, Top Gear UK is a mixture of adventure, hysterics, and challenges. Although the hosts are not always politically correct, they infuse humor into interesting information. One of the most popular segments is “Power Laps.” Here, the “Stig” completes a lap around the test track in a popular vehicle and rates its performance. Top Gear UK was so successful that it was the basis for numerous international spin-offs.


Top Cars Show #3 – Fast ‘N Loud

Fast 'N Loud - Discovery NetworkFast ‘N Loud can be viewed on the Discovery Channel. It is reality-based and is a favorite among those who enjoy restoring or modifying vehicles. The show takes place in a Dallas custom shop run by Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman. Their work is incredible and earned them numerous awards. They joined the likes of OCC and Jesse James in a motorcycle build-off and came in second place. The hosts’ chemistry is contagious and led to the spin-off show “Misfit Garage.”

There are all types of television shows broadcast to entertain an audience. The above three car shows top the list in the genre. They are great sources for vehicle information and may inspire new ideas for a custom build.