Hennessey Performance ZL1 Exorcist Camaro

So, you want to show up your friend with the Dodge Demon? Hennessey Performance has the Camaro to do so! Introducing the 1000HP Hennessey Performance ZL1 Camaro on steroids! This EXORCIST Camaro will run those Demons right out of town, doing 0-60 in less than 3 seconds, giving the Demon no chance to even make a run for it! Top speed in this bad ass Camaro is 217 MPH.

So what did Hennessey do to make THE EXORCIST Camaro a 1000HP, 883LB/FT of Torque engine screaming monster? They add a High Flow Supercharger system, custom camshaft, ported heads, upgraded valves, springs, pushrods, and all the necessary gaskets and fluids to go along with it. To keep this beast cool they installed an intercooler heat exchanger to keep that supercharger nice and cool to keep cranking out those 1000 ponies. Then to compliment this awesome engine, they made sure it sounded just as well as it runs, with a set of long-tube stainless steel headers, through some high flow cats, and then continuing on through some stainless steel midpipes.

By the way this package does come with a 2 year/24,000 Mile limited warranty, which is a great selling point to your wife, if you are trying to persuade her into allowing this financial investment! But, if she is willing to let you purchase this great American Muscle Car, then one you should treat her like a queen and two you better act fast, because there will only be 100 of these produced!

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