Has the Common Car GPS Been Replaced by Cell Phones?

iPhone-GPS-How-ToA few years ago, it was considered a luxury to have a GPS system for a car. In the beginning, this technology was rather expensive and not totally accurate. Times have changed, and more people are replacing these devices with smartphones, which offer more accuracy and less hassle.


Most smartphones are GPS-enabled. This has led to an explosion in the market for companies like Google that offer detailed maps for drivers. These maps have given directional abilities and helped turn an ordinary smartphone into a great GPS navigator. This has eliminated the need for a person to buy a separate GPS unit.


The easiest phone to use in this way is the iPhone. Apple has incorporated “Siri” voice recognition into its GPS apps. This provides a hands-free experience that is hard for regular GPS systems to compete with. There is no need to have two similar devices in a car to give directions.


There are a few reasons why many people are not totally ready to get rid of a traditional GPS system. For example, it is next to impossible to talk to someone on the phone and get directions at the same time. Also, a separate GPS unit will have longer battery life. A GPS smartphone application will definitely drain the device’s battery. Without a car charger, the entire phone will be useless. This is normally not a problem with a regular GPS unit.


Even though traditional units were some of the most sought after pieces of technology, they are now seeing a great decrease in popularity. In a short amount of time, the smartphone will manage to perfect navigation apps and leave separate GPS systems in the dust. Smartphone apps will provide greater flexibility and more accurate and timely information to their users. This means that windshields will be void of suction cups in the near future.