Great Places to Visit for Road Trips

Road Trip Week concludes today here at the CRO Blog. Today we take a look at some of the most spectacular drives here in the U.S.A, providing you with views and memories that will last a lifetime.

America’s highway systems offer great escapes from coast to coast. Some excursions are traversable in a day, while a few can take a week or more. Road trip warriors can make the most of their travels by looking into what each route has to offer along the way. Road trips are a great excursion for anyone, anywhere, and America’s thoroughfares are always waiting for highway adventurers.


The Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast HighwayThe Pacific Coast Highway is a great route that lets travelers take in almost the entire gorgeous, western coastline. California State Route 1 runs from San Luis Obispo to Monterey. The entire trip is a four-hour run, but a route this short is a great, full weekend escapade. On this road trip, the drive is the main attraction. The highlight of the ride is Big Sur, an area of Route 1 named El Sur Grande that offers 93 miles of the most scenic sea views on the west coast. For curio collectors, there are plenty of small towns and shops along the way.


The Overseas Highway

Overseas HighwayUS Route 1–the Highway That Goes to Sea–is a technological marvel connecting two exotic Florida locales 120 miles apart: Miami and Key West. The spectacular East Coast jaunt is another four-hour run, but the highlight of this route is its many natural forests and wildlife preserves. Weekend warriors have plenty of opportunities for fishing, diving and snorkeling along the way. For East Coast travelers, the Overseas Highway is the perfect way to experience a sea-going adventure from land.


Route 66

Route 66 New MexicoA road trip review is not complete without mentioning the Main Street of America. The world-famous Route 66 highway stretches from Chicago, IL, to Santa Fe, CA. The drive takes 37 non-stop hours to complete, so adventurers traveling the whole route may fare better spreading this excursion out over a week or two of vacation time. Part of the fun of this expedition is checking out a few quaint motels along the route as well as roadside icons such as the Jack Rabbit Trading Post, the Big Texan Steak House and the Cadillac Ranch. For a trip of this scope, drivers need to plan their itinerary well, but it is well worth the effort to experience navigating America’s highways almost coast to coast.


No matter where a traveler lives, they have a road trip adventure at their disposal. These vacation getaways, which are easy on the soul and the pockets, each have their own attractions and sights to explore. While cruising the highways, travelers should plan a pit stop at America’s largest road trip, the Hot Rod Power Tour, showing from June 6 through June 13.


What are some of your favorite routes to drive? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Cool Rides Online Facebook Page.