Gearheads from all over show off on Collector Car Appreciation Day

Even members of congress can agree that a sweet collector car is something to celebrate, as for the third year running, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) got approval for an official day to honor the rich heritage of classic car restoration.

As previously reported on the blog, this year’s Collector Car Appreciation Day took place on Friday, July 13, and was celebrated at community events across North America:

In the Great White North, the Manitoba Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism delivered an official proclamation announcing the holiday’s recognition in the province thanks to efforts from the Manitoba Association of Auto Clubs. The Minister went as far as to make July Collector Car Appreciation Month – meaning our Canadian friends got a whole 31 days to flaunt their rides with pride.

Stateside, collectors displayed their machines to all sorts of gatherings. California enthusiasts brought their restored classics to the Princeton Seafood Company to start the festivities a few days early at its “Cool Harbor Nights” event in Half Moon Bay. Here, deep purple Stingrays mingled with sixth-generation ‘Vettes while collectors shared tips and tricks, admiring, and in some cases probably envying, each other’s rides.

In Thousand Oaks, California, members of the Coachman Car Club of Ventura even threw a parade for the event, showing off everything from vintage Ferrari GTOs to late style icons like the Plymouth Prowler.

Up the coast, the Early Iron Club of Ukiah, California, celebrated the show in retro fashion by bringing their cruisers from the 50’s and 60’s over to the local Be-Bop diner, reminding attendees about the early days of muscle car glory.

In Hawaii, hot rods and street monsters invaded the State House to show off the Aloha State’s restoration skills. No matter where you were in the country, Collector Car Appreciation Day was anything but an unlucky Friday the 13th for classic car lovers.