Futuristic trends BMW will make a reality for 2013

2013 BMW M6 coupeWhile many vehicle manufacturers talk of futuristic concepts, BMW actually delivers. That delivery may be in full bloom, or shall we say zoom, at the Arizona International Auto Show. The Phoenix Convention Center is hosting the show from Nov. 22 to 25, according to the Motor Trend Auto Shows website, and the BMW gallery is expected to showcase hot models featuring the latest concepts the company offers. You may even be able to take it up a notch and check out some of these features on a test drive at Phoenix BMW retailers like Chapman BMW come 2013.


G-Power option

The German car-tuning concept of G-Power GmbH has become one of the freshest ways to turn a BMW into a super machine, according to AutoEvolution.com. For those autos that don’t come with the feature, G-Power is a viable and even enviable aftermarket option. The G-Power package in the BMW 1M Coupe, for instance, gives the technical side of the vehicle a stunning boost. The most notable boost is in the engine, taking it from 335 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque to 435 hp at 435 lb-ft. High speeds top out at 186 mph and 0 to 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds.


4-cylinder engine craze

Six-cylinder engines are no longer the rage, at least not after many Americans get their hands on the BMW trend of four-cylinder engines, the LA Times said. BMW is outfitting its latest and greatest models with a four-cylinder, a prime case-in-point being the new 328i. The model formerly came with two six-cylinder options, but 2013’s version sports the smaller and fantastically designed four-cylinder.

“It is hard to justify the $5,000 premium for the larger (six-cylinder) engine,” Edmunds analyst Ivan Drury told the LA Times. Adding smaller engines also use less gas.


Family sedan to sports car with the push of a button

No longer will folks have to decide between a docile family sedan and an edgier, sporty vehicle. According to The Province, BMW provides qualities from both in one five-seater car. Using what may appear to be Jetson-like technology, you can make this transformation with a push of a button. This phenomenon found is the BMW 2013 M5, which has three distinct modes of operation you can control with rapidity and ease. Choose the “Comfort” setting for a smooth ride with passengers, kick it up a notch to the “Sport” setting for longer cruises or get the biggest kick from the “Sport Plus” setting.


Affordable stunt bikes (you can ride to work)

Cars are not the only arena BMW is transforming with futuristic-concepts-turned-reality for 2013. Street bikes are on the roster, particularly the F800R. According to Stuff.co.nz, the detail-oriented, super-fast beauty has an equally supreme performance whether traditionally trekking down the road or whipping into a wheelstand for the thrill of it. Perhaps the most notable upgrade is the downturn in price. Many bikes that can multi-task like this baby are priced way out of range for riders who don’t bring home a stunt-racing champion’s salary. The new R model is less costly than its predecessor and has advantages that range from more minimalist bodywork to a stunt-friendlier chain.

Aspects that allow BMW’s futuristic concepts to become reality include attention to fuel efficiency, high performance and a variety of options. If a stunt bike is not for you, BMW has plenty of tamer selections that are equally as stocked with modern features it can actually deliver.