Future Sustainable Cars Will Contain More Than Battery Power

1200px-FCX_Clarity_HydrogenAs people try to avoid spending more at gas pumps and are raising awareness of environmental issues, the electric car market is expanding. However, battery power has its limitations. Scientists are sure to find alternative methods to power the cars of the future. Here are some ideas that support the concept of sustainable cars containing more than just batteries.


Hydrogen Gas. Hydrogen offers many benefits over other fossil fuels. For starters, burning hydrogen is not bad for the environment. The only by-product of a hydrogen fuel cell is a bit of water. On the downside, this type of vehicle is presently expensive to build, and there are not many places to refuel.


Biofuels. For years, many have considered the use of biofuels to power cars, especially wheat and corn. However, there has been some controversy surrounding the displacement of food crops. To alleviate this problem, scientists are investigating a “second generation” of biofuels, including algae.


Solar. More than ever, the sun is being used to power a number of items. Using this technology, it is possible to assume future cars will be powered by the sun as well. It seems that the future of solar power will become realized when solar cells one day become paintable. This means a car’s entire body will be sprayed to harness the sun’s power.


Waste Products. One of society’s largest available supplies is the waste that it produces. Waste can be classified as both things that get thrown away along with sewage that comes from humans and other animals. In fact, one model of the Volkswagen Beetle has been powered by poo. This “Bio-Bug” has used animal waste to produce a clean source of power.


The above examples are just a few of the possible solutions for creating a clean-burning vehicle in the future. Besides battery power, tomorrow’s sustainable cars will likely use a variety of additional sources to run. As the government takes a more active role in the environment, these technologies are sure to be placed at the forefront.