From snow blowers to portable generators:

With the spring weather heating up many parts of the country – even the notoriously cold New England region, where we’re seeing temperatures in the 60s – you may be thinking about putting away all the winter hardware for good.

But, regardless of whether you choose to shut away your snow blower, chainsaw or portable generator this weekend or next month, you may want to note some of the tips that car owners say can help get these items up and running easier come next winter.

1) Wash winter equipment – Before storing these items, it’s crucial that you remember to first wash off any of the salt that could have accumulated on your equipment this winter. By removing dirt, salt and acids and ensuring that excess water is dried, you can keep your machine from rusting or other forms of harmful corrosion.

2) Store winter equipment in a cool, dry place – Since moisture can often seep inside even the most expensive machine covers, it’s a good idea for you to store all winter items in an area will be kept dry and be easily accessible.

3) Keep gas tanks full – While some people prefer to drain their tanks, doing this may allow water buildup and condensation to accumulate. As such, the best option is for you to store your winter items with 95 percent of the tank filled with fresh fuel and add the right amount of STA-BILĀ® Fuel Stabilizer to the tank. Doing this has helped many car enthusiasts ensure that whenever they need these items, they’re ready to be put into action at a moments’ notice.