Flashback Fridays – 1964 Chevy Impala

1964 Chevy ImpalaThe 1964 Chevy Impala was part of the third generation of this vehicle. It came in two levels: the base version and Super Sport model. The base Impala was available with six body styles. The Super Sport came in a convertible or hardtop sports coupe. Each came standard with basic features found in most inexpensive Chevy cars: foam cushion seats, chrome-backed rearview mirror and a paddle-type armrest. The interior included garnish moldings around the windows and all-vinyl door panels.

Under the hood, the basic 1964 Impala provided an overhead six-cylinder engine. An upgraded option included a 283 cubic V8 engine that boosted horsepower up to 200. For even better performance, it was possible to receive a 327 or 409 engine as well. In 1964, the transmission was more refined with a quieter, three-speed synchromesh.


1964 Chevy Impala – Interior and Design

The Super Sport model offered a bit more excitement. It had bucket front seats and a locking center console. On the outside, the SS Impala was designed with a wider upper body molding and special badge. A new distinction was full wheel covers on specific models as well.

This year’s model saw a smoother design. The pointy edges were gone, and the upper grill was pulled into the front. Tail lights became surrounded by body color instead of an aluminum strip. This year saw an increase in production with approximately 185,000 Impala SS models, 73,000 six-cylinder models and 616,000 V8s.

The 1964 Impala left a great legacy behind, especially to the modern hip-hop culture. It is the quintessential low rider with its long frame, large trunk and great customization opportunities. Thanks to rappers like Eazy-E who included his “six-fo” into a song, the Chevy vehicle will hold an important place in American culture and the auto industry for a new generation as well as the car’s original fans.