Flashback Fridays – 1934 Ford 5-Window Coupe

1934_Ford_Model_40A_5_window_CoupeAs times were changing, many car manufacturers were advertising directly to women. The ads for the 1934 Ford 5-Window Coupe featured a woman behind the wheel driving with a man. Although there was meant to be a subtle attraction to women, the car was touted as an answer to the poor economic times. Ford tried to battle the idea that V8 engines were expensive gas guzzlers.

The most famous ads for the vehicle displayed the power of the car but also claimed that it was the most economical choice of the brand. Ford explained that the V8 engine, which could supply 90 horsepower, used no additional fuel than the four cylinder alternatives and saved on tires and oil. Driving the 1934 Ford Five-Window Coupe was a “thrifty” choice that supplied a gratifying driving experience.

1934 Ford 5-Window Coupe – Style and Performance

Ford tried to stress how wonderful the car performed, especially on the open road. A potential buyer was wooed by the car’s potential top speeds and swift ability to retain speed through various stops and pauses. The icing on the cake was the car’s stylish design. There were minor improvements from the previous year’s model. For instance, the 1934 version had a thicker grille and straight hood louvers.

During the era, the sportiest models were coupes. Ford’s 1934 Five-Window Coupes contained graceful lines that represented the style of the times. The body of the vehicles featured roll-down rear windows. This helped with ventilation and made it possible to change between a rumble seat and cabin. It was an extremely popular model for the brand that sold approximately 47,633 vehicles.

The 1934 Ford Five-Window Coupe should have been a hard sell for the Depression. However, through skillful advertising and extreme style, the car brand managed to have one of the most successful models of the era. The all-steel body is an attractive feature that still attracts classic car enthusiasts. It will go down in history as one of the best cars of the times.