Five Car Technologies That No New Car Should Be Without

1200px-Lexus_backup_camera1Today’s heightened technology has entered the car industry. Some features have been developed that increase safety and make a ride more convenient. These features may be optional, but here are five technologies that no new car should be without:


1. Automatic Headlights


It can be dangerous driving when the sun is going down or coming up. Sometimes, a person forgets to turn on their car’s headlights. One of the best technologies to have in a vehicle is automatic headlights. This feature detects low outside light and turns the headlights on without the driver needing to do anything. As a result, cars will have a clearer view of others on the road.


2. Tire Pressure Monitor


Although most cars do come with some type of tire pressure monitor, not all of them are accurate. Every car should include a feature that warns against low tire pressure and also highlights which tire needs the air. Nissan has recently developed a technology that tells what tire needs air, when air is being added and when the desired pressure has been reached.


3. Bluetooth Connectivity


Most people use cellphones while driving. However, this can be dangerous. In order to make things safer, Bluetooth technology allows a person to talk while remaining hands-free.


4. “Rings Of Safety”


Rings of safety involve the car’s construction. Subaru uses these rings in the B-pillar of its vehicles. The bar that separates the back of the car from the front is reinforced with eight layers of steel. This boosts safety ratings and lowers the likelihood of being injured in a rollover accident.


5. Backup Camera


A backup camera is considered one of the best safety features to have in a car. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is thinking about presenting a law that makes it illegal for a car not to have this technology. Most vehicles have cameras and sensors installed on the trunk or bumper. A person views the space in the back of the car in the rearview mirror. This technology prevents a driver from hitting a child, vehicle or other object that cannot normally be seen while backing the car up. As time goes by, the price of these systems is decreasing as well.


The above technologies are must-haves with any new car. Not only will the features keep a driver safe, they will also add convenience to car trips. In the end, these technologies may add to the price of a car but will be well worth the peace of mind that they provide.