Few domestic models on list of most stolen luxury cars

When it comes to desirability, most Cool Rides members would probably rather get their hands on a beefed up Z/28 or Boss 302 rather than a stuffy Mercedes Benz C-Class sedan. However, when it comes to luxury vehicles, it appears that it's the foreign marques that are most targeted by criminals looking to get their hands on a prized set of wheels.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recently released a report that found between January 1, 2009 and December 3, 2012, there were roughly 4,384 luxury cars stolen in the United States. While this is only a portion of the total number of cars that have been pilfered over the past three years, it's indicative of a troubling trend: New American cars just simply aren't that desirable.

While this is good news for individuals who drive cars from domestic brands (forget buying The Club, just park your Corsica next to a 3-series), it's a further sign that American mainstays like Cadillac and Lincoln still have a long way to go in establishing themselves as must-have – or must-steal – marquees.

The most stolen American car was the Cadillac CTS, which placed at a respectable number five spot on the list, with 325 thefts reported over the period of the report. This model is actually the second most stolen midsize car on the road, which is a testament to the headway GM has made in re-establishing Cadillac as a premier label. However, this is the only GM vehicle in the top 10, and one of only two American cars.

The Lincoln MKZ, which was only recently redesigned and relaunched for the 2013 model year, was the only other patriot on the list other than the Cadillac. While you never want to strive to make your vehicle a target for theft, there is something flattering about being the object of someone's desire.

If you could get away with it, what car would you attempt to steal given the opportunity?