Featured Member of the Week – hdphilbo


For the week of March 9, 2015

My name is Philip Boibeaux. I’m 53 years-old and I live in Davenport, Florida. I am currently a cable box repair technician and I love muscle cars, motorcycles, rc airplanes, and old slotcars. 1963-1974 is my target area. I first heard about Cool Rides Online on Facebook. Right now, I own two Cool Rides: a 1968 427 Hemi Barracuda and a 2012 Harley FLTRX.

My favorite Cool Ride was my 1968 Dodge Charger 500” lowback stroker. I took the car from a mild 383 to a 650hp torque monster. The most difficult modification had to be building that 500” engine all by myself. Next, I am planning additional work for my Cool Ride or maybe a special trip or cruise. My Barracuda is actually for sale right now. I’m even willing to trade it for a mopar E body or B body.

My favorite memory with my Cool Ride has been taking my son and nephew for a FAST RIDE and seeing the look on my nephew’s face when the car reached 125mph and the wiper started to climb up the windshield. If money was no issue then my dream would be to own an original 1966 AC Cobra 427 Side oiler. My advice for anyone taking care of a collector car is simple: it’s not rocket science…keep up with everything and keep things dry.