Featured Member of the Week: Wicked 24 T Bucket

1924 Ford T Bucket-6David is small business owner specializing in home improvement and Tammy is a full time Pet Groomer. They are also parents of a Thirteen and Eleven year boy that share their parents interest in cool rides and classic cars.  The entire family loves the outdoors including all seasonal activities: car shows, hunting, fishing, boating, water-skiing, motorcycling, trail riding and snowmobiling among many other things.  They are a pretty active family; more importantly is that they do it together as a family.

David and Tammy first heard about Cool Rides Online from one of our own member’s 23T-Bucket.  Along with owning this amazing ’24T-Bucket David and Tammy also own a ‘23T-Bucket as well.  As if this pair of T-Bucket’s wasn’t enough, David and Tammy also added to this amazing collection a ’74 and ’75 Stingray. That is truly an amazing collection that they have been able to put together over the years.

Their favorite ride out of this collection is the ‘24T-Bucket.  The reason is simple “it is classy, fast and loud”. Their plans for their cool ride are to take to a few car shows. The most difficult modification to the ‘24T-Bucket was getting it dialed in with the amount of horsepower to make it street drive-able.

The ‘24T-Bucket is now their favorite ride, which is why it is no surprise that one of their best memories was completing it and being able to take it on that very first ride.

We all have our wish list of car’s we would love to own if only money wasn’t an issue. So what is on David and Tammy’s dream car wish list?

Well David’s is a 1932 Ford Coupe “American Graffiti” style and Tammy’s is a 1975 Caprice Classic Convertible.  Tammy mentions that she actually once owned hear dream car and would love to once again own one someday.

David and Tammy are truly happy that can share their passion for classic cars with their son’s, as well as with their friends and family.