Featured Member of The Week: vett69tri

1957 chevy 3100-1This week we are featuring Ken Vargas from Pensacola, Florida.  Ken is a retired Naval Officer and as he mentions it, he has had a love affair with cars since before he could drive one.  Ken truly enjoys working on cars, regardless if it’s tinkering with his own cars or helping a friend achieve his vision.

When he was young Ken says that California cars set the trend for cool cars.  The truth is that now cool cars can be found anywhere.  Ken has his share of a few cool cars himself, as he owns not only this great looking 1957 Chevy 3100 but he also owns a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T.  There are no modifications in the near future for any of Ken’s cars, as he mentions that they are all complete.  He mentions their might be a trip to Pigeon Forge Cruzin the coast Turkey Rod Run.

As we mentioned earlier Ken enjoys helping friends achieve their vision on their cars.  As it goes Ken built a 1969 Chevelle that just happened to be the dream car of a very close friend.  Ken was able to pass it on to him and helped his friends’ dream become a reality.

“In 1969 I purchased a new 1969 Charger.  I met my wife while I owned the Charger and I believe she only married me so that she could drive the Charger on a regular basis.  When I got the current charger we decided to make a twin of the one from 1969. We’ve been married 43 years and she still loves the car and me”.

Ken has never worked in the automotive field professionally; working of cars has been a hobby for him.  Everything he has learned thus far has been through trial and error, and the help from different people.  The hard work sure does show as this is one amazing looking truck.  If time permits Ken would like to be able to build a clone of the Eleanor Mustang.

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