Featured Member of the Week: swiftjr

2009Challenger-5This week’s Featured Member is Jim Swift, owner of this 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T.  “I love detailing and adding modifications.  Sometimes the littlest things add the biggest bang for the buck.  I list How-To’s and events on my Challenger Facebook page and I help anyone out who asks”.

Jim is originally from Jacksonville, Florida.  He moved to Washington State when he was five years old and has lived there ever since “It’s a great place to call home”.  He is happily married with three wonderful step-kids and currently lives in beautiful Boston Harbor, Washington.  Jim first heard about Cool Rides when he heard someone at a car show talking about entering our Ride of the Month contest.

As I mentioned before Jim is the proud owner of this beautiful 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T.  Jim had been looking for this car for years when he stumbled across it at a Subaru Dealership (Yes a Subaru Dealership of all things).  “ In 2009 you could not get an SRT in Deep Water Blue Pearl Metallic, so the original owner ordered every SRT option short of the 6.1 Hemi, Alcoa wheels, Eibach Pro 1.7” lowering kit with sway-bars, with leather stitched interior and a 6-speed which makes this, one of only 490 made in this trim that year”.  Best of all, the price it was $24,950.  “They did not know what they had!”  Since he purchased it he has gotten rid of all the Ram’s heads in lieu of Mopar badges and emblems.  If you haven’t noticed from the pics Jim totally blinged out the engine bay with stainless steel, and he has won numberless car show trophies.  Doing the install of all of the engine bay stainless steel was the most difficult part of the modification, “this stuff scratches when you breathe on it!  I was very careful and took about a day and a half to accomplish it”.  “Not bad for a daily driver with 70,000 miles on it, and with no garage in Washington State!”

So what is next in the agenda for this cool ride? “I am about finished with the modifications for now, maybe some Mopar exhaust tips.  I am being a little more selective about the events and car shows this year.”  Being selective about which shows to attend is understandable considering the fact that he went to 75 shows last year.  So far in the early season Jim has taken home one trophy and he mentions he is looking forward to taking home many more.

For Jim his greatest memory with his ride was the first day he purchased it on May 11th 2012. “I met my wife in Olympia, Washington at a restaurant, and before I could ever park a group of twenty-something’s mobbed my car.  I ended up taking all of them for a test drive”.  Jim calls his Challenger the happy car, because he says that “whether you are looking at it, sitting in it and especially driving it, you have an ear to ear grin!”  It is no surprise that Jim’s dream ride is his Challenger, “I wouldn’t own anything else and I never even look at other cars”.

“The biggest surprise people get is when I tell them that this is my daily driver, they are even more surprise when I tell them that it doesn’t sit inside of a garage”.  Jim’s best advice treat your car like it is new every day.  “Clay bar it at least twice a year and take the time to clean, wax and vacuum it”.  At least two hours are spent a day during the car show season, but Jim says that it never gets old.

This is truly a beauty.  A big thank you to Jim for sharing with us his ride and his story.  Let me know what you think by commenting below, and join the conversation on our forums!

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