Featured Member of the Week: STEVE58

1955 Chevy Bel AirThis week we are featuring Steve Hornback from Ann Arbor, Michigan the owner of this week’s ride of the week, a beautiful 1955 Chevy Bel Air.  So how exactly did Steve get his hands on this cool ride, simple he bought it?  Buying it from his Great Grandfather back in 1975 for $300, only twenty years after his Great Grandfather had bought it new in 1955. He has kept it for the past 37 years only driving it once in a while to preserve it.

One of Steve’s first memories with this car was driving it to High School during his senior year.  Now let’s be honest how many of us would have loved to have driven something like this during our senior year.  I have to say that he most have been a popular guy in High School.

Unfortunately, like it happens in most situations with cars, as Steve mentions “driving it was getting pretty scary after 55 years with no improvements”.  Steve thought about restoration, but was very interested on all of the latest technology.  Apart from maintaining the original skin, everything in the car was replaced with the latest technology, and so the car was brought back to life.  Steve mentions that the hardest thing for him during the restoration process was stopping himself from adding more cool stuff.

One of the primary reasons why Steve decided to restore the Bel Air was as he mentioned “I’m 55 years old and wanted an updated car to leave to my kids someday”.  I’m jealous I wish that I had a car like this passed down to me by my father, great job Steve.  One of Steve’s best memories he says “was using this car for my wedding 28 years ago”.

So what is in the future for this ride?  Steve says that he is planning on going on summer car shows.  Plus he only lives about 30 minutes from the Woodward Dream Cruise, so expect to see this ride there this summer.  Of course most of all, Steve wants to do plenty of cruising. That’s what I call traveling in style.

If money was not an issue Steve says that he would love to one day own a mid-50’s truck a Chevy or a Ford.  Well let’s hope that one day you get to own one of those.

So how did Steve come to become a member of our amazing and prestigious Cool Rides Online family, like many in this growing new age of social media he heard about us through Facebook.  Let me be the first to say “Welcome Steve”.  Thank you for sharing your amazing ride with all of us.  As amazing as the cars are, we cannot forget about the great people that devote their time and sweat to creating these amazing rides.  That is what we hope to do with these weekly features to put the spotlight on the much deserving creators of these works of art.

See more pictures of this cool 1955 Chevy Bel Air at https://forums.coolridesonline.net/album.php?albumid=1641