Featured Member of the Week: nelsoej

1949 GMC - 4Everyone please meet Jim Nelson from Athol, Idaho.  The proud owner of a 1949 GMC 3100 and it is this week’s featured ride.  Jim as he mentions is a long term bachelor, but that has allowed him to acquire some interesting toys one of which is this 1949 GMC 3100, the other is a 1967 Ford Mustang.  Jim joined our CRO family thanks to a CRO Member Rod Campbell, “he is the regions all-knowing Mustang man. He owns 12 stangs”.

“Buying the truck happened quite out by accident. I live in a very small community about fifteen miles north of Coeur d Alene, Idaho in a town called Athol.   My area is entirely built on all five acre minimum properties”.  Jim was the first person to move to this town nineteen years ago.  Jim calls the Pacific Northwest his home.

Jim mentions that he has always been a pickup guy “I have always been a pick up guy and have primarily owned a Pickup since leaving the nest”.  Exactly how did Jim end up with this great looking pickup?     “New neighbors moved in who owned a long bed slightly modified GMC Pickup.  I got to know the new neighbors well and told him month’s before I bought the truck that I was interested if he ever wanted to sell. He had own the pickup for about ten years.  Until finally one day he came up to me and asked if I had meant what I said about buying it. So that’s how it happened”.

Check out more of Jim’s rides at: https://forums.coolridesonline.net/member.php?12244-nelsoej

“Early on I knew what I wanted to do to it. I have really appreciated Chip Foose’s style and design. I knew that I really wanted to compliment the design of the truck. Thus you see my vision”.  It took about five years to complete the vision, along with some help, and now Jim has driven it for seven years.  ”I am not a great gear head. So, I can get the straight forward stuff done, but at 65 I will leave the heavy lifting to others”.   On of Jim’s fondest moments was winning the best of show at an event, years after it had been on the road; as well as winning a Good-Guys Award.

A Shelby America Supersnake is the dream car Jim would love to own someday.  For the moment though the only new ride that could make into his collection would be an enclosed trailer.  This way he can take his car and visit friends and even do some shows all over the U.S.

One last thing that Jim wanted to mention : “I have a deep love of God, and have thought how i can use my 49er to touch other car folks about the Love of my lord”.