Featured Member of the Week: nascarcoffin9

Olds-4My name is Jacob Coffin. I am 27 years old and will turn 28 on Sunday the 15th. I grew up in a racing family.  I have been going to NASCAR races every June and September ever since I was four years old. I am originally from New Castle, Delaware but moved to Statesville, North Carolina in 2005 right after I graduated high school.  My Grandfather was born and raised in Southern Virginia and ran moonshine.  My Grandmother’s brothers raced stock cars back in the 40s and 50s. Their son, my uncle raced AMA flat track motor cycles in the late 70s. When I was born it was already in my blood to be near some type of racing. Cars of all kinds have always had my attention growing up.

How did you first learn about Cool Rides Online?

I first learned about Cool Rides Online while on Facebook.  As it is for most people these days social networking is a must lol.  One day I was glancing through the forum pages on Cool Rides and saw that they were looking for someone that could do custom diecast cars, so that they could have replicas of the real 1971 Camaro that they will be giving away.  I stepped up and asked if they would rather have an R/C car so that it is something that could be driven and played with rather than sit on a shelf.  Naturally that was a hit and I was right on the job to start building the 2 cars. One of which was for Jarred.  It was really nice seeing the pictures of Jarred with the R/C car next to the real custom 1971 Camaro.

Tell us a little about your “Cool Ride” and what makes it special?

I currently own a 1986 Oldsmobile 442.  It was a factory ordered car by a gentleman in March of 1986 I believe. He was getting it built for his son who was turning 18 was graduating soon from Hodgson VO Tech High School in New Ark Delaware.  I was born June 15, 1986 and the car had rolled off the line June 9th.  It was delivered to the nearby dealer on June 13 and the man had taken his son to pick it up that day.  To this day I wish that I had all of the original factory order papers.  The first owner could only find a few such as the interior, paint, motor and trim papers. To me it’s special because it’s the first car I ever bought and it is basically the same age as me. With just little over 80,000 miles on it today I have traveled a whole lot more than this car.

What’s next for your “Cool Ride”? Planning any additional work or special trip/cruise?

The next step for me and the Olds is I would love to take it to an Olds Club of America show. Unfortunately they are mostly in the north and it is just too far to drive it there and back. As far as work to be done, I am planning on rebuilding the engine from top to bottom. When I first got the car it had sat for several years in a barn hay loft.  So naturally the fluids had to be drained and many seals and gaskets had to be replaced.  But the bottom end was virtually perfect.  Now almost fifteen years later I would love to tear it down completely and do a nice rebuild with crank, cam, pistons, rings head work and freshen up the Rochester carb…. Yes I still run the Q-jet.  I catch a lot of crap about it but if you really know how they work you can make some good fuel mileage and HP with them.

What was the most difficult modification on your “Cool Ride”?

The most difficult modification I have done was really just replacing the front suspension.  It is all factory OEM replacement parts but since the car sat for so long none of it seemed like it wanted to come apart at all.  The only other thing I have really done to the car is new exhaust and remote operated twin exhaust cut-outs.

What is your favorite memory involving your “Cool Ride”?

Favorite memory would have to be the first time I started it after rebuilding the top end of the motor.  Being 15 and buying a car that was left to sit and be forgotten and the sound that the straight headers were making when that 307 HO motor fired on its own.  My grandfather who helped with most of the work is also the one that funded and supported my racing career all the way up until 2012 when I decided to retire, lol… yes I said retire.  The best part of that day was when I drove it out of the race shop with no exhaust, just straight headers we made.  Drove 5 miles down an old back road and got pulled over.  The cop said “son where are you going, I replied with “for a Sunday drive to break this motor in and then back to the house to put the car back together”.  He said “I just wanted to tell you how cool that car sounded when you drove by with no exhaust under it…. Drive safe and have a nice afternoon” That was in 2002 right before the school year started.

If money was not an issue, what is your dream car(s) to own?

My Dream car or cars is anything really.  I love all classics and muscle cars.  I would love to find an old 33 Ford coupe and fix it up just like the one my Grandfather had when he ran moonshine back in the day.

Do you have any special tips for taking care of your “Cool Ride”?

Caring for the Olds has become easy for me.  I was introduced to a cleaning product called Croftgate USA; it’s the greatest stuff ever.  There is the soap that you use for a heavy wash.  Then you have the Multi clean which is just a spray on wipe off cleaner for the paint wheels exterior trim.  It really works wonders on road grime and bugs.  Then the pre wax which right off hand I can’t think of what it is really called but wow does it brighten up a car.  As far as storage goes the car is parked year round in a climate controlled garage attached to the house.  In the winter when the car is “hibernating” it has a cloth cover over it.  For extra protection I use STA-BIL® Fuel Stabilizer and a Battery Tender.