Featured Member of the Week – Minimark12

mmk2For the Week of March 23, 2015

My name is Tim and I am a professional by day who enjoys antique and classic cars. I first learned about Cool Rides Online from Facebook. My Cool Ride is a 1969 Bremen Mini Mark.

My Cool Ride is special because there were only around 100 built and it was a factory made car here in Indiana. The car has great engineering and is built very strong. It is built on a VW pan and engine, making it reliable and easy to get drive train parts for. This car has gone through a 3-1/2 year ground up rebuild and has won numerous awards since it was put back on the road. It is a driver, not a trailer queen and really turns heads.

Since the ground up rebuild doesn’t need much anymore I plan on taking it on fun day trips to interesting places. I have done a few modifications on it from the original car during the rebuild. The spare tire wells on each side have been removes and a continental kit has been applied to the rear engine cover. My favorite memories have been finding additional Mini Marks still out there as well as working on my blog and Facebook page for the car.

My dream car would be a MG, TD, or TF. The design and looms of this car are very close and it will suffice for now. To take care of my Cool Ride, since it is fiberglass, I keep it in a semi-heated garage during the freezing months. I keep the battery charged and keep the car covered. I also make sure that STA-BIL® and STA-BIL® 360° are in the gas tank and that I start the car occasionally during the off season.

My advice is this: enjoy the ride that you have, no matter what it is. Share the ride with others who may want to learn about it.