Featured Member of the Week: GNGAL

1986 Buick Grand National

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Kristina Richards, also commonly known as GNGAL.  I love seeing what mods can be done to a vehicle to make it faster without loosing its original integrity.  I participate in the Hot Rod Power Tour every year as a Long Hauler.  I am passionate about cars and about using cars for doing good.  I’m currently working on a Shriners Hospital Benefit Car Show for the St. Louis area to be held on Sept 22, 2013. I’m looking for local vendors, items for raffles, local entertainment acts, and stage donation for the day. 100% of profits go to Shriners Hospital for Children.

How did you first get interested in this hobby/passion?

A great friend got me interested in cars back in 1998. He told me about the Grand National… I didn’t think much of it… BUT THEN he took me to see one! Yeah, I was sold. Having a Graphic Design background I appreciate the lines, colors and overall design of cars.

1986 Buick Grand National

What Rides do you currently own?

I currently own an ’86 Buick Grand National … and the guts of my previous Grand National that was totaled in March of 2012.  I have a lofty goal to use these in a GN roadster down the road. Imagine a GN with 10″ chopped outta the center, rear fenders closed up, lowered, and Monster exposed rear tires. .. Sigh… one day =)

What do you like most about your Cool Rides?

Rolling down my window and seeing people do double takes… LOL. Even in this day and age… not many people expect to see a gal behind the wheel.

1986 Buick Grand National

What is the best memory you have with your favorite ride?

My first HRPT in 2010…rolling into DeQuoin, IL fairgrounds…. I parked, got out, and just started screaming in excitement. I couldn’t believe I was there…and my car made it!  Another great memory is going for a cruise with Pink’s “Trouble” blasting from my radio.

How do you store your ride(s) during infrequent use, and what maintenance tips can you provide for readers?

I disconnect my battery and add STA-BIL to the fuel. I also use 104+ regularly… much cheaper and more convenient than buying high octane fuel.

1986 Buick Grand National

What was the first car you ever owned?

My first car was a 1995 Honda Civic Hatchback … and I zipped around the Northern VA area like that car had a V-8 … LOL

What is/was the BEST car ever made?

Best car ever made… Well.. besides the Grand National… Hmmm.. that would be the Kaiser Darrin. So innovative, sleek, sexy…. I just love it! I got a chance to ride in my friend’s Darrin last year at the Woodward Ave Dream Cruise in Detroit…. I’m still droolin =)

1986 Buick Grand National

What is/was the WORST car ever made?

One person’s lemon is another person’s enthusiastic hobby. I can find good in every car made… even the poorly designed Crosley’s — They are unique and fun to look at despite design flaws.

How did you first hear about the Cool Rides Online website?

I first heard about this website through… gosh..it was a business card in the goodie bag from my first Hot Rod Power Tour in 2010.  It was reintroduced to me recently by a friend, David Cleveland.

1986 Buick Grand National

Is there anything else you’d like the Cool Rides Online members to know about you?

I love cars and the whole vibe that goes with the car community…everyone looks out for each other. Ive seen this the best on my Hot Rod Power Tour trips … if you’re on the side of the road… you will not be alone long =)  I do the HRPT Long Haul each year, and its become like one big family reunion.