Featured Member of the Week: eharrison

1955 Ford F100

Please tell us a little bit about yourself…

I currently run a Ford dealership; that’s why I sold my 57 Bel Air and bought a ford.  I am married and have 3 boys ages 18months, 8 and 15. I have always had a passion for classic cars.  My mom’s daily driver when I was 5 was a 68 Firebird that she bracket raced on the weekend and my dad had a 69 Chevelle SS 396.

How did you first learn about Cool Rides Online?

On Facebook

 1955 Ford F100

What Cool Rides do you currently own?

A 1955 Ford F100. Previous rides were a 1968 Pontiac Custom S and a 1957 Bel Air.

 1955 Ford F100

Now tell us a little about your favorite “Cool Ride”; what makes it special?

It is a Frankenstien truck.  It has a 429 big block from a 71 Marquis, power windows from a 91 Areostar, front suspension and power steering from a 71 Volaire, a 2″ chopped top, shaved handles, rocking hidden stereo, ac, heat and cruise.

 1955 Ford F100

What’s next for your Cool Ride?  Planning additional work for it or maybe a special trip/cruise?

I plan on doing a motor swap to a 2013 5.0 Coyote and 6 speed transmission. I also want to try calming down the interior to clean it up.

 1955 Ford F100

What’s your favorite memory involving your Cool Ride?

Taking my 18 month old on cruises around town; he loves the engine sound.

1955 Ford F100

What is your dream car to own if money was not an issue?

I own it now, my 1955 Ford F100

1955 Ford F100

Taking care of collector vehicles is not easy.  Do you have any special tips on how to take care of your Cool Rides in and out of storage?

I just keep it clean and dry at all times. I wipe it down and spot clean it after every ride.

1955 Ford F100

Is there anything else you’d like the Cool Rides Online members to know about you?

Have a great wife that doesn’t mind your hobby; it is a plus.