Featured Member of the Week: drjothen

1968Camaro-3David is a Commercial and Residential Real Estate Broker, and Owner/Publisher of PDXCarCulture.com.  David has been the official Photographer for the Portland Roadster Show the past 3 years, and this year functioned as the Co-Chairman.  David first heard of our site thanks to a friend of his who had been featured in the Ride of the Month contest.  He checked out the site and he was hooked.

David is the owner of some great looking rides. He owns a 38’ Chevy truck and his wife owns a 51’ Chevy truck that she has owned for 35 years, after she purchased it when she was 14.  David also owns a 53’ Olds 98 Holiday Coupe of which less than 40 are still registered in the US.  In honor of his father David built a 1955 Chevy 150 2dr, which has won multiple awards.  The latest in his collection is a 1968 Chevy Camaro RS.  David’s ultimate ride would be 50’ Chevy Business Coupe built to replicate his father’s first car.  His 55’ Chevy was built the way his father would have built one and it has some of his father’s ashes under the front seat.

David is currently working on getting a 49’ Cadillac his dad had done a top chopping on. It was built 20 years ago and has won every show on the west coast.  One of his fondest memories is his first trophy he won with his 55’ Chevy.  The show itself was a fund raiser for the MS Society, which his father fought for 25 years before sadly passing at the age of 69.

All of us here have our list of our dream Rides, if we had no financial limits.  David’s list includes a 65’-67’ GTO which he and his dad were going to build one.  Maintaining these valuable pieces is a tough task, David suggest keeping them detailed constantly, so that the touch up will be easy.  During the winter months keep the battery tenders on everything and start them occasionally.

“I am the son of an Old School Hot Rodder that was ahead of his time.  I am still amazed with what my Dad did to his cars in the late 50’s.  The tricks that he taught me and the respect for others vehicles have done me well.  He always told me to never criticize what someone else had done to their car, as they built it the way “they” wanted it”.

Thank you to David for sharing with us his ride and his story, let me what you think by commenting below. Or join the conversation in our forums.

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