Featured Member of The Week: Angelo

1970roadrunner-1Angelo has been a mechanic for over forty years.  This is why it is no surprise to know that he owns his own business called A & D Performance.  Angelo restores classic cars and even builds pro-street cars.  Angelo purchased the Runner in Alberta back in 1980, and took the task of designing and building it.  Everything on the Runner is custom, even down to the brackets.  Ten years is how long it took for Angelo to complete this great work, as he was only able to work on it on Sunday’s during the winter.  Every other day he was busy working hard on customers cars.

The hardest thing for Angelo was developing a design that would make his car unique and different from the rest.  “We like unique cars”.  I have to say that he truly achieved that.  I don’t know about anyone else but I have to say this is quite a unique ride.  This is one ride I would be honored to cruise around with.

One of his favorite memories with the Runner was the day he purchased it.  The event that led to him acquiring this amazing ride is quite unique: “When we lived in Alberta, we were out for a drive and I saw someone driving the Runner, they pulled into a dealership.  I did a U-turn to go look at it.  Turns out it was a young man that was interested in buying it, he left to go get his father so he could make arrangements to buy. His big mistake was he did not leave a deposit, so I left a deposit ran to the bank and went back and bought it. I was pulling out of the parking lot when the young man came back with his father. The look on his face was priceless. I guess he learned a big lesson that day”.

Apart from owning the Runner, Angelo is currently working on a 1986 Camaro.  Fully tubbed with a blown SBC which he mentions will be completed this summer and put up for sale.  Angelo also mentions that next winter he will start work on his wife’s 1973 Cuda.  His dream car is a 68’ Cuda that he once owned.  He would love to be able to get that back and restore it to the way it used to be.

Building and restoring this amazing ride is difficult and many hours of hard work go into creating these beauties.  That is why maintaining this rides is a tough task all on its own – “Everybody has their own ideas on how to store your cars. The best way is up on stands, in a climate controlled garage. Cover the car with a breathable cover. If possible, run the car every month, and shift through the gears, get the tires moving etc. to circulate the fluids”.

“Only if you are truly interested in having your “baby” restored or worked on, give us a call. I take pride in every vehicle that I do. North American Classics are my passion”.

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