Examining The Mercedes Benz SLK Roadster

MercedesIf you are looking for a car that combines power and performance with good looks then the Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster might just be the perfect car that you have been searching for. This 2 door, 2 passenger luxury convertible sports car is a great all rounder which has managed to strike the balance between comfort and great handling.

Safety First

Mercedes-Benz have always been careful about safety measures and the SLK roadster has set a number of benchmarks. The vehicle includes a number of driver assistance systems such as ‘Attention Alert’ – a drowsiness detection tool which has been specially developed in house at Mercedes and is being fitted as standard in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The car also features a total of eight airbags as standard including dual front, side, side head and knee airbags. The ‘Distronic Plus Pre-Safe Brake’ is also available as an optional safety feature. These brakes will autonomously engage in the event of a safety issue. Safety features which are fitted as standard include ABS brakes, traction control and stability control.

Performance And Specifications

The Mercedes-Benz SLK30’s 1.8 liter I4 engine offers 201 hp and 229 lb-ft of torque. A 6 speed manual transmission is included as standard and in terms of fuel economy it offers a fairly reasonable 31mpg on the highway and 23mpg in the city. This increases to 23 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway with the optional 7 speed automatic transmission.

The Mercedes SLK roadster has previously been considered an entry level luxury sports car, but in this instance entry level does not mean you are getting a mediocre vehicle. The third generation model has been fully redesigned and now packs a little more punch. This is no longer a ‘girl’s car’ like it was previously labeled.

The car is covered by a 4 year, or 50,000 mile warranty to give additional peace of mind on top of Mercedes-Benz’s reputation for quality automotive design and engineering.

Let’s Talk About Style

The Mercedes SLK Roadster was the first hardtop convertible in the Mercedes-Benz range and this is something that has remained over the years, even when other roadsters moved towards fabric roofs. In its latest incarnation, the roof features the innovative ‘Magic Sky Control’. This is a feature which allows the glass roof to be switched from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button. The transparent option gives the illusion of open sky no matter the weather, while the darkened glass offers shade.

In terms of interior, the Mercedes SLK strives for a luxurious yet sporty feel with brushed aluminum and optional walnut trim. Other interior features include a multi-function sports style steering wheel, sun reflecting leather seats which stay cool and ambient lighting. Power assisted seats and a CD player are included as standard and optional navigation systems can be added on request.

Overall, the most recent changes to the Mercedes SLK roadster have shaped the vehicle into a much more versatile car. There is just enough luxury to make this feel like a high end choice, but at an affordable price. The car is a stylish little sports car, but it has not sacrificed power and performance to get there. If you are interested in a good entry level sports car then you cannot go far wrong with this one.

James McDonnel is crazy about cars. As a freelance writer he loves to share his knowledge and opinions with other via a number of different auto blogs. James is currently driving a Mercedes SLK roadster.