Dumbest Car Add-Ons That Fail to Improve Performance

People are always looking for ways to boost a car’s performance. There are numerous kits and accessories available that claim to heighten performance. Here are some of the dumbest add-ons to stay away from:


Large Wings

add-onsA large wing may help increase downforce on a car that goes around a racetrack. However, for the average person who drives around town, a large wing may only make things worse. When using one of these ugly products, most front-wheel drive sedans will increase drag.


Large Wheels

Car-with-big-wheelsIn the early 1980s, a trend began for cars to use large and low-profile tires. This continues today. However, it is important to understand how these larger wheels affect handling and performance. Large tires will increase weight. This will make the ride and handling much worse. Also, larger wheels will limit the ability of the steering wheel to turn properly. Maneuvering will be difficult in tight spaces.


Coffee-Can Mufflers

coffee exhaustLarge muffler tips do nothing beside amplify sound. They have nothing to do with a car’s performance. The ultimate goal of these tips is to improve pitch and increase power. However, they fail to bring success in either case. In fact, they may actually decrease back pressure.


Ground Effects Kits

Ground Effects KitsGround effects kits are a popular way to transform a basic car into an aerodynamic machine. Small cars from Honda and Toyota saw a large release of kits that were made to change the front fascias and rocker panels. Instead of increasing speed and performance, these kits tend to create drag. Also, some are very low and become easily damaged on small inclines.


Hood and Side Scoops

Hood and Side ScoopsIt’s a fact that forcing in air and adding fuel will bring more power to a vehicle. Hood scoops are used to force air into a car without using a turbocharger. However, this only works if the scoop has an opening. Most add-on hood scoops are solid, so they do not allow air to enter. In the end, this adds drag and will slow a car’s speed. Adding side scoops to a vehicle will increase drag as well.



When a person wants to increase a vehicle’s performance, it’s essential to do some research. There are many products on the market that make empty promises. The above add-ons are made to make a car perform better, but they may cause more harm than good. In the end, they could be a waste of money.