Does The Aeromobil Mean Flying Cars Are Here?

Nearly 75 years ago, Henry Ford anticipated the arrival of the Aeromobil. This vehicle is a mixture between a motor car and an airplane. Even though similar prototypes were developed, today’s technology has allowed for a safe way to fly a car.


Experimentation Process

For many years, a company named Terrafuglia has been investigating ways to fly a car. One of the latest companies to join this process is Aeromobil. Recently, designer Stefan Klein has produced a pre-prototype that took its first voyage into the air.


What is The Aeromobil?

The vehicle that recently took flight for the first time was The Aeromobil version 2.5. It has been in development for over two decades. It includes retractable wings and a special tail that has a rear-mounted propeller. The entire vehicle is extremely streamlined and lightweight.

The power for the Aeromobil is from a 100 horsepower, Rotex 912 watercooled engine that is placed in back of the seats. To drive on land, the drive shafts run from the propeller to the engine, which provides handling to the front wheels. There are also three small wheels beneath the back tail as well.

The car weighs under 1,000 pounds without passengers, and the cockpit accommodates two individuals. There are two steering wheels on the unit. A large steering wheel is provided for road travel, and the smaller wheel is used for flying. The wing span is 27 feet, and the estimated top speed in flight is 124 mph. The vehicle is estimated to fly a range of 430 miles and runs on regular, unleaded gasoline. This means that no special fuel is required.


What The Future Holds

The “pre-prototype” 2.5 is a look into the future. It is definitely a sign that flying cars may be a common occurrence down the line. There is still a far way to go with certification and acceptance. The certification process is sure to be ongoing, and cultural acceptance may be difficult because many people are afraid to fly under normal circumstances. No matter, this type of vehicle is a fun way to view transportation that will be developed into the next century.