Detailing & Care Tips to Keep Your Boat Looking Great

Boat Detailing - 303 Aerospace ProtectantMarine Week continues here at the CRO Blog. So far this week we’ve look at three of the craziest speedboats around, boating safety tips to keep your event fun and safe and featured three of the finest fishing spots in the U.S.A. Today we cover detailing your boat to keep it looking brand new.

Although it may be necessary to seek occasional help from a professional boat detailing specialist, it is possible to keep a boat looking pristine without leaving the dock. Since a boat is exposed to wind, water and sun, it experiences a great deal of wear and tear. Here are some smart tips and products to help preserve the function and appearance of sailing vessels.


Exterior Care of Your Boat

A new coat of wax preserves a boat’s exterior and makes future cleaning much easier. Before applying wax, it is important to rinse the boat with freshwater and clean away all salt, sand and mineral residue. Since common household cleaners tend to be overly abrasive, it is better to use specialty products made for boats. Gold Eagle offers a special line of items that allow boat owners to thoroughly clean and detail every part of their treasures. The 303® Marine and Recreation Multi-Surface Cleaner is ideal to shine a boat from bow to stern. It delivers a powerful punch to counteract damaging conditions of the sea and sand.


Clean and Protect Interior and Accessories

Besides a boat’s exterior, it is important to pay attention to the interior and accessories as well. To keep a boat’s sail, seats, hull and windows as clean as possible, 303® Marine and Recreation Aerospace Protectant is key. Its powerful UV blockers prevent cracks, fading and premature aging, and it returns lost color and luster. Since it contains no grease-producing silicone oils or petroleum distillates, this product can safely be used on vinyl, rubber and fiberglass.

To remove tough stains from a boat’s interior, 303® Marine and Recreation Spot Cleaner will work well. Its advanced action removes even the toughest stains from carpets and upholstery. Without much effort, leather seats will appear shiny and new.


Overall Detailing of Your Boat

In between professional detailing appointments, it is possible to preserve a high-gloss finish on all boat surfaces. Gold Eagle’s 303® Speed Detailer contains strong UV blocks, which protect boats between waxes. Thanks to the anti-static properties, the boat will repel dust, dirt and other stains so that light scratches are not concerns. This product cleans, protects and shines paint, fiberglass, plastic, metal and glass.

Keeping a boat clean enhances beauty, preserves functionality and increases value. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on professional detailing services. Gold Eagle products are top-rated, simple to use and bring dazzling results.