Diamond in the rough: A Ferrari Enzo turns up in the desert

This may come as a shock to many, but a Ferrari Enzo turned up collecting dust at a police impound lot in Dubai back in 2009, and was rumored to be hitting the auction block back in April in what would’ve been the biggest police auction in history.

Originally, rumors had spread around the world that the rare supercar would be sold by officials, prompting bids from fat-pocketed Enzo enthusiasts from such disparate locales as England, Russia, India and the United States.

Initial reports said that this Italian masterpiece was one of more than 100 cars discovered by officials believed to have been left behind by former residents who fled the country because of massive debts. In Dubai, having large debts could lead to jail time, and stories of fleeing residents are not uncommon. It’s not hard to imagine that it’d be pretty easy to fall behind on payments on one of these monsters, as new models went for more than $1 million during their 2002-2004 production run.

Now, officials claim that the Ferrari will not be for sale, at least not in the near future, as it is being held by the Dubai police in anticipation of an Interpol investigation. The mystery surrounding this car is almost as intriguing as the ride’s potential performance.

These cars were named for Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the nameplate, and were the first models to use Ferrari’s latest generation V12 engine. The top speed recorded by an Enzo was 221 mph, and they have been known to reach 60 mph in only 3.14 seconds.

This car may be shrouded in mystery, but I know if I had a cool million hanging around, I’d have no problem throwing my hat in the ring to get this beast in my stable.