Custom Paint Job Week – Chrome Paint Jobs

Welcome to Custom Paint Job Week. A while back we looked at 3 of the wildest classic and custom car paint jobs, so we thought we would devote an entire week to look at some of the classic custom paint jobs on some Cool Rides. We start Custom Paint Job Week by looking at Chrome Paint Jobs. In recent years, chrome has become very popular for car accessories and accents. For this reason, it is emerging as an option for paint jobs as well. Although it is not cheap, certain car owners are choosing chrome wraps to differentiate individual vehicles from the crowd. Here are three of the coolest chrome paint jobs.


Chrome Mercedes SLR McLaren

Chrome Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren`One of the most amazing chrome paint jobs can be seen on a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. It includes chrome on every body panel. Even the windshield is constructed from blinding chrome. To complete the design, there are 20-inch chrome wheels as well. Reportedly, one owner of a chrome McLaren is a rich Arabian in Dubai. This car comes with an approximate price of $642,000 and definitely cannot be missed.


Chrome Tron Audi R8

Chrome Tron Audi R8A few years back, WCC unveiled a Tron Audi. It was a fantastic futuristic twist on a luxury Audi R8. It was the first car in North America to come painted entirely in chrome. To complete the high-tech appearance, LED lights were installed throughout the vehicle. The car was made to look as though it was floating. See-through wheels were included with additional LEDs. To customize the interior, the front seats were upholstered like the suits from the movie TRON.


Range Rover Sport HSR by Revere London

Range Rover Sport HSR by Revere LondonRevere London is famous for its custom Range Rover designs. This specific TDV8 was completed with a total chrome-wrapped exterior. To accent the reflective metal, WC1 Mayfair black wheels were included along with special fog lights, color coded lamps and exhaust tailpipes. SW1 side vents were added as well. To bring something special to the interior, bull-hide leather was used.

The above chrome cars display the refined tastes of the auto industry. Chrome paint adds a great deal of flash, but the price is not always affordable. To achieve a bit of bling without going over budget, adding a few chrome accents will go a long way toward making a dull ride more exciting.