Cruising for PA Wounded Warriors

By Curt Kimmel

On Saturday, 9 September 2017, the “Keystone Garage Club” hosted a cruise through scenic central Pennsylvania. The cruise originated in Halifax, PA., and ended at Hegins Park, in Hegins, PA. This cruise was approximately 35 miles long and passed through ten towns. It was wonderful to see many townspeople along the road waving hands and flags and cheering support as the procession passed by.


This cruise was personal for Cool Rides Champ Curt Kimmel. First, the cruise benefited PA’s Wounded Warriors. Since Curt is a veteran, this is a cause near and dear to his heart. Secondly, the location of this ride was through country and towns that his departed parents traveled and lived in. It also permitted him a chance to re-visit their graves.

Prior to the start of the cruise the host club offered shirts, food and drink to the participants. There were all types of cars and trucks present. There were some antique cars from the 1920s all the way up to an exotic Maclaren. A local Corvette Club was on hand with their bevy of sports cars. At the conclusion of the ride, the same food vendor was at the park so everyone could get “fueled up”. Live entertainment was also provided at Hegins Park.

Champ Curt took advantage of the downtime to speak with the owners about Cool Rides Online and hand out samples of 303 Aerospace Protectant. Many were eager to try this product on their cars. When told about the Ride of the Month Contest, many eyes “lit up”. Promotion of Gold Eagle Products is a motivation for this champ.


At the conclusion of the cruise, all cars, trucks, and motorcycles were parked and put on display for all to see. As mentioned before, over 100 vehicle owners gave of their time and money to benefit a worthy cause. The weather was cool and sunny and the scenes of mountains and valleys were simply beautiful. This was the champ’s first cruise and will probably not be his last since he is eager to support causes for the veterans and First Responders. By and large, this was a success.

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