Creative Ways To Boost HP


The key to boosting horsepower is to raise air flow into the engine. The engine of a car follows a particular cycle that begins as air flows in, mixes with gasoline, powers the engine, and exits the vehicle. Increasing air flow will make the process more efficient. In the end, horsepower will make the process more efficient. In the end, horsepower is boosted. Here are some great ways to gain this extra power:


Change The Ignition


When the car has a bigger spark, there will be a higher level of gas burned in the combustion chamber. This will prevent gas from being wasted and dumped out the exhaust. The end result will be a larger boost in horsepower.


Adjust Air Induction


When there is more air brought into the engine, horsepower will naturally increase. It is wise to begin with low restriction air filters. Down the road, a person may consider a different intake system. For example, a high performance aluminum tubing setup will help gain a considerable amount of horsepower.


Lower Engine Drain


An engine is often brought down by the accessories that drain its power. To get around this problem, a person may consider replacing the mechanical fan with an electric fan. Auto experts agree that this will help to gain almost 17 horsepower. The engine becomes cooled more efficiently since the fan will run separate from the engine’s motor. This will heighten overall performance and fuel economy as well.


The above tips will be helpful for anyone who is looking for ways to increase a car’s horsepower. Individually, these tips will have a small increase in power. However, when a person follows all of the steps, it will make a big difference in the car’s performance.